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Business Central Integration with Microsoft Teams

Business Central Integration with Microsoft Teams

Make decisions faster while you’re in conversation with co-worker’s, preparing cross-department financial budgets, or bringing roles together for an important project, the Business Central app for Teams streamlines conversations and allows you to act on your Business Central data without leaving Teams.

Here is how you can setup.

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams Apps, look for Business Central(BC) and click to add.
Business Central App for Teams

2. Once you add the app, you will notice a small icon while you compose a conversation as highlighted below, click the icon to make sure you sign-in to BC. (version 17)

3. Now you are all set to access BC within Teams, pick any BC-URL like item, customer etc. and paste the URL into the Teams conversation pane and witness the magic.

Quick experience.

You might be having below questions as me.

  • What is the operation involved in building the card in Teams?
  • What fields are displayed and how is order of display selected?
  • Can we modify the content of a Teams card?
  • Can we add our own customized Teams card?
  • What all field types are allowed?
  • Can we create Teams Card for Business Central-on-premises?

Let’s understand more.

  • You can customize the fields by using field group control on the source table.
    By default, the fields that display on a card in Teams are based on the Brick field group that’s defined on a page’s source table.
    • If a Brick field group doesn’t exist, the app uses fields that are defined in Dropdown field group.
    • If Dropdown field group doesn’t exist, then the primary key fields and fields called Name or Description in the table are used.
  •  You can also customize the fields by using Teams-specific events.
    • OnAfterGetSummaryFields
    • OnAfterGetPageSummary
  • Except media data type fields, the order of fields on the card is determined by the field order in the Brick field group. Note: BLOB data type fields aren’t supported.
  • Here is a simplified event flow described in Microsoft documents.

The Business central app for Teams is not intended to work with on-premises, hosted or private cloud deployments of Business Central. The only supported deployment type is Business Central online (SaaS).

The app is not intended to work with any versions of the Business Central service prior to version 17.0.X.X.

Hope this helps to start with Business Central App for Teams..!!


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